Foreign Aid Around the World

Since WWII the United States has led the developed world disbursements of foreign aid almost every year. ●    In 2012, the United States send $37,680,000,000 dollars overseas for foreign aid A few reasons: ■    National Security●    Counter-Terrorism focus since 2001■    Commercial Interests●    Think of it as an investment■    Humanitarian Concerns●    Less suffering makes a better …

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What Sells On the Black Market

Number of jobs created by the black market, globally: 1.8 billion Total US illicit trade value: $625.63 billion Some of the biggest markets: Body Parts The World Health Organization estimates that 10,000 illegal surgeries involving organs take place every year 106,879 organs were transplanted in 2010 (legally and illegally) This is just 10% of global …

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